The 100: Murphy’s Law and Humanity

Murphy's Law

This week I found myself really struggling to get through the most recent episode of The 100. For the first time I’m saying that not because of the characters, or the lines, or the cheesiness, but because there were some legitimately difficult themes and struggles that these characters were going through. This episode stuck with me and even days after I watched it I am sitting in front of my computer uncomfortable with what I saw.

Humanity is a theme in The 100 that the characters both on the ground and on the ark are continuously struggling with. This week on the ground we saw the aftermath of Wells’s death. We saw his fingers chopped up leading to a knife which promptly caused a Clarke freak out leading to the accusation of John Murphy being accused of slaughtering Wells. We saw how brutal these kids are and how there is no grey area. Mind you, while John Murphy may deserve to get hung, these kids aren’t murderers. Most of them got arrested for petty theft or something small and yet we saw how desensitized they are to death because they have been dealing with it their entire lives.

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The 100: Clarke

better clarke

I am very proud to say that after two weeks of mopey exposition The 100 has managed to develop their lead into an actual human being. I was honestly getting pretty worried and losing all hope for the show considering Clarke is the lead and had shown a single emotion for two entire episodes. Now this does NOT mean that I am totally convinced The 100 will survive to see another season. Honestly the show has a lot going for it, but as far as the characters go I’ve had a lot of mixed feelings.

Clarke being the lead of the show is a crucial character. For the first couple episodes of The 100 I found myself incredibly worried about the shows success because of Clarke’s one-dimensional writing. She was used purely for exposition, and she seemed like she couldn’t show a shred of humanity for more than a millisecond before channeling back into stone cold bitch face mode. Now I’m not saying that’s wrong. I’m not saying that female characters have to be bubbly, have to cry, or anything. I’m saying that as a lead character no matter what gender they are I can’t as an audience member believe that they can only feel one emotion without seeing why or getting something to justify it which I didn’t feel we had up until episode 3. We finally got to see her be human. We got to see her feel and it was lovely.

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Teen Wolf: A Love Story


How did I spend my Spring Break, you ask? Like any other nerd, I caught up on television shows and slept. It was a pretty great break, and I wish it was my real life. I am insulted and incredulous that I have to “go to class” and “go to work” so I can “make money” and “have a future.” Anyway, the last two days of my break were committed to Teen Wolf. I have now finished the third season and I am in love.

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The 100: Hope is Rising…ish

Earth Skills

So last week I posted my thoughts on the pilot of The 100 a new CW show that follows what’s left of the human race three generations after a nuclear holocaust. This past week the second episode of the series aired, and like most series, the second episode was a bit better than the first.

I think this show is definitely tapping into the post-apocolyptic trend with a bit of a twist. It reminds me of The Hunger Games mashed with Zenon Girl of the 21sst Century which I find pretty fantastic. It has a female protagonist, a bad ass space station, earth with creepy radiation filled animals that glow in the dark, awkward teen lust, freaky futuristic humanoids, all sorts of stuff that plays into my easily entertained heart.

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TV Rewind: Rugrats


For one of my classes I had to write a short essay about a television show. It could be the first show I remembered watching or just a show that got me really interested in television. It was less about the show and more about the memories associated with it. I chose to write about Rugrats because for me it was an important show in my childhood. Everyone has that”‘first,” and this is mine.

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The 100: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

bigger 100

The CW’s newest teen drama The 100 takes a clever spin on the post apocalyptic fad. The show follows the remaining humans 97 years after a nuclear holocaust that sent the lucky few fleeing to space. The Ark (their ship) is running out of supplies, and to buy more time as well as explore their options the government decides to send 100 incredibly attractive juveniles to earth to test the waters.

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Let It Die With Dignity


“All good things must come to an end,” a common phrase applied to all little joys in life, except television where networks would rather beat the audience over the head with crappy plots and crumbling characters until they can’t handle it any longer and jump ship.

While yes, there are few less devastating things than seeing your favorite show get canceled, at the same time it’s so much better than eventually resenting it because of crappy content.  It seems that until a show isn’t making money any more, the networks are going to drag it as long as possible in the hopes of squeezing out a few more dimes. It is not only embarrassing but cheapens the show. I can think of more than one once good shows that have suffered from this phenomenon and they just need to be put down.

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